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Self Mini Alarm Pill Timer Boxes Organizer 2 Compartment

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Product Detail Of Self Mini Alarm Pill Timer Boxes Organizer 2 Compartment:

Plastic Storage Pill Timer Boxes Reminder

  • Two Divided Drawers Medical Timer Pill Timer Boxes With Automatic Alarm Residences Personal Care Homes Freestanding Assisted Living. That will help to store multiple medicines. This pill box is ultra-slim and fits in the tightest of pockets that’s easy carry.
  • Portable Mini Pill Box with a Digital LCD that’s show timer of next dose.
  • Best for Personal care homes independent assisted living.
  • Alarm setting period can repeat multiple times. Loud alarm beeps for 30 seconds.
  • 0.7” LCD display
  • Small and portable.
  • Can be used as a clock.
  • This is a timed reminder for 99 hours and 59 minutes countdown reminder. It can remind you to take medicine on time according to the time you set.
  • The outer casing is made of pure ABS, which is  amazing and environmentally friendly.
  • The three buttons are easy to operate for adjusting next reminder. The appearance is novel and generous, and easy to carry is a good helper for home travel.
  • Built-in 1 LR44 electronic, has been equipped, use a new battery to replace
  • This medicine reminder drug box will beep to remind you to eat medicine when stetted time arrives.
  • 2 large compartments for storage.
  • Set timer for up to 99 hours 59 minutes.
  • Alarm setting period can repeat multiple times.
  • Loud alarm beeps for 30 seconds.
  • The operation of setting the time as following:
  • 1. Press MIN for the number of minutes and HR for the number of hours.
  • 2. Press START/STOP to start the timer. The symbol : on the LCD will flash when the timer is counting.
  • 3. To pause the timer, press button START/STOP, The symbol : on the LCD stops flashing, press button.
  • 4. When the set time is up, the timer will make out beep-beep alarm to remind you.
  • 5. Press MIN and HR together to cancel the last setting press buttons.
  • 6. To reset the alarm to go off at the same time period as on the last setting, press button START/STOP after the countdown has completed.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Medicine Case
  • Size: 9*5*2cm

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