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Mini Washing Machine Ultrasonic Turbo

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Mini Washing Machine Ultrasonic Turbo Washing Machine Portable:

  • Power:36W
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Input: DC 5V-10W
  • Output: DC 12V-24W
  • Power Supply: USB
  • Mode:3 Timing Washing
  • Size: 11*11*5.5cm/4.3*4.3*2.2inch
  • 3 Washing Modes & Blue Light Sterilization: Simulate the real hand washing process, three levels of timed cleaning, and blue light UV sterilization, so that the clothes more clean.
  • Water-saving Ultrasonic Cleaning: Using high-frequency vibration cavitation to accelerate the dispersion and emulsification of liquids and stains, saving one-third of water, with suction cups at the bottom to fix on the wall of the bucket.
  • USB Powered & Convenient: The mini washer is powered by a USB cable, allowing you to use it anywhere, any bucket, sink, or sink to do your laundry.
  • Wide Range of Use: Mini portable, suitable for travel, business trip, kitchen sink, and especially suitable for cleaning small objects.
  • Note: Do not support a fast-charging head for charging!
  • A mini washing machine with an ultrasonic turbine is a portable and compact device designed for washing small loads of laundry efficiently. It utilizes ultrasonic technology and a built-in turbine to agitate and clean the clothes without the need for a traditional washing machine. Here is a description of the features and functionality of a typical mini washing machine with an ultrasonic turbine:

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