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Double sides silicone Adhesive Tape

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"Strong Adhesion for Multi-Purpose Usage"

Its high stickiness for a range of surfaces makes this double-sided washable sticky tape ideal for multi-purpose use.
Its distinctive form enables it to adhere to surfaces including walls, floors, and ceilings, offering a solid and trustworthy hold for a variety of applications.
This adhesive tape is the ideal choice whether you need to hold carpets, rugs, or mats in place or hang photos, posters, or other decorations.
“Easy to Apply and Remove"

The user-friendly design of this double-sided washable sticky tape makes applying and removing it simple and hassle-free.
The tape is easy to adjust to your needs because it can be cut to any size, and it can be readily removed without leaving behind any residue or harming surfaces.
This makes it a fantastic option for tenants or anyone in need of a short-term adhesive solution.
It is "Washable and Reusable."

This double-sided washable adhesive tape is an affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to conventional adhesive tapes because it can be washed and reused.
It is a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to minimize waste and save money because it can be cleaned with water and reused numerous times.
It is a fantastic option for anyone who requires a long-lasting adhesive solution due to its strength and use.

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