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Automatic Auto On Off Sound Voice Control Intelligent Sensor Switch

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    Automatic Auto On Off Sound Voice Control Intelligent Sensor Switch 220V      Photoswitch Photoelectric Light Switch for Solar Lamp Street Light

  • There is an automatic detection circuit for ambient illumination inside, which is automatically turned off during the day and automatically turned on at night.
  •     It adopts a three-wire system and is compatible with various loads of resistive, inductive, and capacitive lamps.
  •     The control object can be LED light, energy-saving light, fluorescent light, incandescent light, exhaust fan light, and the like.
  •     It has a delay function when the environmental conditions change and the delay time is 3-5S, which solves the problem of the screen flash of the load when the short-term environmental conditions change.
  •     Application range: Widely used in street lights, highways, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks, schools, and other places.



Load power: LED 24W
Energy saving lamp: 50W
Incandescent: 100W
Light sensitivity: 6LUX
Working voltage: 220V
time: 30 seconds
Sound sensitivity: 55DB-85DB
Light illuminance: 6LUX
Product size: length 6CM, width 2.8CM, height 2.4CM
Product weight: 30 g


اپنے گھر کو سمارٹ بنائیے       (خود کار طریقے سے چلنے اور بند ہونے ولا سمارٹ سوئچ)


  • یہ روشنیاور آواز کے سنسر کے ساتھ ایک خودکار سرکٹ ہے، جو دن کے وقت خود بخود بند ہو جاتا ہے اور رات کو خود بخود آن ہو جاتا ہے۔ اور بجلی بچاتا ہے۔دن کے وقت یا روشنی میں یہ آواز پیدا ہونے سے آن نہیں ہوگا۔
  • اندھیرا ہوتے ہی آن ہونے کے بعد اس کا آواز کا سینسر کام کرنا شروع کر دیتا ہے اور آواز پیدا ہوتے ہی یہ آن ہو جاتا ہے اور 30 سیکنڈ بعد خودبخود بند ہو جاتا ہے۔ اگر آپ چاہیں کہ  یہ روشنی اور اندھیرے دونوں میں کام کرے تو یہ بھی  ممکن ہے۔
  • مثلاً اگر آپ نے اسے سیڑھیوں میں لگی لائٹ کے ساتھ  منسلک کیا ہے تو سیڑھیاں چڑھنے یا اترنے کے لیے پہلا قدم رکھتے ہی یہ آہٹ سے آن ہو کر لائٹ کو روشن کر دے گااور 30 سیکنڈ کے بعدخودبخود بند کر دے گا۔
  • آپ اسے کسی گودام یا دوکان میں سیکیورٹی سسٹم کے طور پر بھی لگا سکتے ہیں  اور جیسے ہی کوئی دروازہ کھولنے کی کوشش کرے گا تو یہ آواز سے آن ہو جائے گا اور اس سے منسلک الارم یا لائٹ چل پڑے گی۔
  • مین گیٹ، گیراج ، گلیوں، بیت الخلاء، راہداریوں، گوداموں، سیڑھیوں اور دیگرجگہوں پر آٹومیٹک لائٹ کے لیے موزوں ہے۔ یا اسے الارم کے ساتھ نصب کیا جا سکتا ہے تاکہ مؤثر طریقے سے نقصان یا چوری کو روکا جا سکے۔
  • اس سوئچ سے ایل ای ڈی لائٹ، انرجی سیونگ لائٹ، فلوروسینٹ لائٹ، بلب لائٹ، ایگزاسٹ فین، سیکیورٹی الارم اور دیگر ڈیوائسز کنٹرول کی جا سکتی ہیں۔
  • یہ سوئچ  سیڑھیوں، گیراج، مین گیٹ، اسٹریٹ لائٹس، ہائی ویز، فیکٹریوں، باغات، بندرگاہوں، ہوائی اڈوں، فارموں، پارکوں، اسکولوں اور دیگر مقامات پر وسیع پیمانے پر استعمال کیا جاتا ہے۔

Conditions to return the product

Halashopping feels the honour to make our customers satisfied and try our level best to serve in the professional and the best way.

  1. The product must be unused, unworn, unwashed and without any faults. Fashion products can be tried on to see if they fit and will still be considered unworn. If a product is returned to us in derisory condition, we reserve the right to send it back to you.
  2. The product must include the original unremoved tags, user manual, warranty cards, give-aways and accessories.
  3. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging / box. If the product was delivered in a second layer of Halashopping packaging, it must be returned in the same condition with return shipping label attached. Do not put tape or stickers on the manufacturer’s packing.

Note: It is important to indicate the order number and return tracking number on your return package to avoid any inconvenience/delay in process of your return.

  • Take a picture.
  • Share pictures on Hala Official Numbers( You can take our number from our site and Facebook page)
  • Then Call to us.
  • Share your order details with us
  • Then get your complaint id from customer support through call.
  • Then you can send back to us via using any courier company.
  • As we get the product, you will get the confirmation of return.
  • Our quality assurance team will check the quality, and it will take 2-3 days.
  • After quality assurance, our team will inform you via text, you return product is accepted or not.
  • If accepted your payment will re-back to you within 7 days (working).
  • If not, then it will return back to you.

Valid reasons to return an item

  1. Delivered Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (e.g. unable to switch on)
  2. The delivered product is incomplete (i.e. has missing items and/or accessories).
  3. The delivered product is not as advertised (i.e. does not match product description or picture).
  4. The delivered product does not fit.
  5. The delivered product is incorrect (i.e. wrong product/size/colour, fake/forged item, or expired.)

All Halashopping items: 7 Days; Return and refund

Return Policy regarding below mentioned imported products.

Fashion, Beauty & Health, Home & Living, Baby, Toys & Kids, Sports & Travel, Digital Goods, Other Categories, TVs, Audios & Cameras, Computing & Gaming, Phones and Tablets, Appliances

Change of Mind is not valid for the return and refund of items.

  • Incorrect or Incomplete Item: If the item received is incorrect (i.e. wrong item/colour/model) or incomplete (i.e. missing parts or accessories), please file a return request for further investigation.
  • Defective Item: If the item arrived in a defective condition or does not work (e.g. unable to switch on) after unboxing, please file a return request for further investigation. If your item has any defects after usage, please contact the brand warranty provider directly.
  • Damaged Item/Package: If the physical package of the item arrived in a damaged condition and brand seal has not been broken, please file a return request for further investigation. If the brand seal has been broken, you may contact the brand warranty provider directly.
  • If your item has any defects after usage, please contact the brand warranty provider directly. If the product is covered under seller warranty, please file a Return Request for investigation.
  • Beauty, Personal Care & Health Non Refundable
  • Software Non Refundable
  • Movies & Music Non Refundable
  • Supplements Non Refundable
  • Digital goods Non Refundable
  • Pets Supply Non Refundable

Note:- For all imported products, please refer to the product page to check the applicable return reasons. For device-related issues after usage please contact the brand warranty provider directly (if applicable). For more information please contact with Halashopping customer care.

Digital payment AS PER Hala Policy

Our payment return team will make confirmation, then ask about your choice.

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